Counselling services are not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan. All clients are required to provide credit card information at the time of booking that will be held on their account. We will automatically charge your card after each session.

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) $150.00 – $190.00 (plus GST) per 50 minute session
  • Registered Social Worker (RSW) $150.00 – $190.00 per 50 minute session
  • Behaviour Consultant – $150.00 per 50 minute session
  • Social Skills Groups – $60 (plus GST) per weekly group session
  • Family Law specialist – $250.00 per parent session, $175.00 per child session, court prep/attendance, phone calls/emails etc $250/hour (plus GST)
  • Hear the Child report – $1000.00 (plus GST) with 50% retainer and 50% due upon dissemination of report

That depends on your benefit plan. Please check with your provider to see what is included in your coverage. We have therapists that are Registered Clinical Counsellors and Registered Social Workers/Masters of Social Work. We do not direct bill to insurance providers. We can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your provider for reimbursement.

Please contact us – we will help you through this process and let you know who is taking new clients and who we would recommend based on your needs. You can read short bios about our therapists here and if someone stands out to you, let us know! You are never obligated to keep seeing the same therapist. If it’s not a good fit, you can change therapists at any time.

You do not need a referral to access our services, however some benefit plans might require you to have a referral (please check with your provider).

A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours (two business days) before the scheduled time.  In the case of a no-show or late cancellation within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a fee equivalent to 100% of your total session fee to the credit card on file. Should you arrive late and participate in a partial session, the full session fee applies.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes . For younger children sessions are sometimes a bit shorter (45 minutes). Couples or family sessions can be a bit longer if desired or needed (usually 75 or 90 minutes). There is a higher fee for longer sessions.

Both of these options are available. Please talk to your therapist about whether online sessions will work for you.

Each child and situation is unique. Depending on the presenting concerns or issues your therapist will be able to give you a sense of the counselling process and duration. Some children require short-term skill enhancement work whereas other situations such as trauma/abuse/loss may require long-term therapy. Our goal is to work collaboratively with parents and other support persons to provide comprehensive child focused therapy.

When both parents are legal guardians but are separated or divorced, they are required under the
Family Law Act to consult with each other regarding services for their children. For children age 14 and
under, we require consent from both parents unless a legal agreement or court order says otherwise. It
is your responsibility to provide your child’s therapist with the other parent’s contact information.

If you are over 16, you don’t need your parents’ permission to see a counsellor.